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Kaolin China Clay Lumps

Kaolin China Clay Lumps, renowned for their high alumina content and fine particle size, are favored in the ceramics industry. They contribute to increased fired strength, reduced shrinkage, and enhanced glaze formulation, making them essential for achieving desired ceramic characteristics. Looking for bulk quantity, connect us and afford in a reasonable amount.

Product Details:

Product Type Kaolin China Clay Lumps
Type Clay Lumps
Form Solid
Material Kaolinite Clay
Shape Lumps
Ph Valve 4.5
Finishing Non-Polished
Color White
Melting Point 1750°C
Clay Density 2,6 G/cm
Chemical Formula Al2Si2O5
Solubility Insoluble In Water
Application Paint, And Glass Industries
Ideal For Making Of Paper, Rubber, And Paint Etc
Making Of Paper, Rubber, And Paint Etc Minimum Order Quantity 40 Ton
Manufacture By Gurudev Mines And Minerals
Country Of Origin Made In India

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