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Levigated China Clay

Levigated China Clay undergoes a purification process to remove impurities, resulting in a product with exceptional brightness and whiteness. This makes it a preferred choice in industries that demand premium quality and aesthetics, such as paper, paint, and cosmetics. During manufacturing it we keep all the records in a good manner according to customers demands. 

Product Details:

Product Name Levigated China Clay
Type Clay
Form Powder
Color White
Whiteness 99% Max
Formula Al2,(Si2O5)(OH)4
Storage Room Temperature
Storage Room Temperature
Clay: Brightness (%) 87.0
PH Value 5 - 6.8
Sample Available Yes
Application Industrial
Usage Ceramic Tiles, Sanitaryware, And Fibreglass
Features Longer Shelf Life, Free From Impurities, No Side Effects
Minimum Order Quantity 40 Ton
Supply By Gurudev Mines And Minerals
Country Of Origin Made In India

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